The LA-K gravity separator for laboratory use is designed for batch and continuous flow separation of small volumes of seed or grain, which have already been separated with regard to width, length, and thickness

The gravity separator exploits the smallest differences in the specific weight of the product and it is therefore possible to separate heavy kernels with high germination ability from light and less valuable kernels.

The gravity separator can also be used in laboratories for recycling or in chemical factories.

Continuous separation capacity is up to 100 kg per hour on wheat.
In standard construction, the LA-K machines are delivered with:

- inlet hopper and vibratory feeder with start/stop and potentiometer
- eccentric shaft fitted with tachometer with digital readout of the rpm
- oscillating exchangeable grading deck has a surface of 1570 cm2
- adjustable stroke length, speed, air volume, and deck inclination
- collecting bins for 5 fractions and mounted on a convenient worktable

Motors are for 1 x 240 V, 50 Hz; fan motor is 0.75 KW, drive motor 0.37 KW with frequency converter, and motor for vibratory feeder is 0.05 KW.
The machine is of steel construction with the grading deck of laminated wood.

Special Features

  • Aspiration hood above deck
  • Extension for inlet hopper
  • Fan motor with frequency converter
  • Reduced deck, 1/3 size, for very small lots of material
  • Outlet pipe connections for transport of material to box on the floor
  • Auto-transformer for 110 V, 60 Hz
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