The CW clipper/de-awner is used for pre-treatment of various grain types; the purpose of the de-awning operation is to remove awns from barley kernels, loose husks from wheat, and to clip oat kernels.

The clipper/de-awner can be used where heavy de-awning is required but also for products where only a light de-awning is needed.

The degree of de-awning depends on the length of time the material takes to pass through the de-awner housing.

The adjustable bottom slide gate can increase or decrease the flow-time through the unit.

In standard construction, the CW clipper / de-awner is delivered with below features.

The unit has inlet with adjustable capacity slide and adjustable bottom slide gate.

The housing is fitted with a number of round beaters.

The unit has V-belt drive and motor.

The machine is in steel construction and mounted on a platform.

  • Various kinds of beaters
  • Wiremesh or teardrop plate inside
  • Incorporating a buffer bin between clipper/de-awner and cleaner
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