The GS-600 cleaner is used for fine cleaning of grain and hard seed, as well as for cleaning small quantities of garden and flower seed

In standard construction, the GS machines are delivered with:

- feeding apparatus is fitted with feed roll
- pre-aspiration and final aspiration with one extraction auger
- screen system consisting of one sieveboat with one scalping screen layer and one grading/sand screen layer
- both screen layers with 5-9° variable screen inclination
-  all screens with rubber ball cleaning
- mechanically variable speed drive of feed roll and fixed speed drive of sieveboat; incl. valve pipe for mounting of fan (optional)

The machine is of steel construction with sieveboats of laminated wood.

Special Features

  • Fan and motor
  • Vibratory feeder (instead of feed roll)
  • Electrically variable speed feed roll with gear variator 0.37 KW
  • Kit for slower feed roll speed 2-7 rpm
  • Variable speed drive of sieveboat
  • Three long screen layers
  • Rise air screen through final aspiration incl. back mounted settling chamber
  • Adjustable depth final aspiration channel with calibrated control
Max Capacity
Spinach (t/h) 1
Cucumber (t/h) 1
Linseed (t/h) 1
Motor, fan (Option) (kw) 3.0
Motor, sieveboats (kw) 1.1
Number of screens 2
Screen length (mm) 1000
Screen width (mm) 600
Screen area (m2) 1.2
Number of sieveboats 1
Brochure GS93.99KB Download
Process GS19.65KB Download
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