Westrup and Oliver Combine Forces in America

“The Best of Both Worlds”

Westrup A/S and Oliver Manufacturing combine 144 years of global agricultural leadership into a partnership that galvanizes a “client first” philosophy for the American market. This partnership offers highly focused agricultural leadership uniting client process and engineering needs with a complete line of high-end processing equipment from start-to-finish.

For the first time in the industry, the top two companies have come together to offer clients optimal, custom engineered installations that are designed around their specific needs.

The best options available for support to a complete processing solution with client and his contractor.

• Highly focused agricultural leadership
• Uniting client process and engineering needs
• Complete line of high-end processing equipment from start-to-finish
• Client based philosophy 

Founded in 1958, Westrup specializes in the design and manufacture of full line high-quality machinery and equipment for the global seed conditioning and grain processing industry.
Westrup A/S is known worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of reliable key machinery for seed conditioning and grain processing installations and offers more sizes and types of seed machines than any competitor for these industries. Westrup equipment is in operation today across a broad spectrum of industries and applications from seed & grain to food applications, malting barley, spices, herbs, vegetable & flower seed, laboratories, recycling, and many others.

westrup oliver fusion

A third generation manufacturer in North America established in 1930 by Oliver W. Steele, son of one of the pioneers of the first modern gravity separator circa 1897.
Oliver equipment is known worldwide for durability and efficiency while advancing technology to match the needs of the evolving industry. Oliver leads the way with innovative products for seed, nut, coffee, recycling, lumber, and mining industries and continues to develop its offering with forward thinking design and product evolution.

The new Westrup/Oliver partnership combines the best of both companies within leadership, industry experience, design, engineering, fabrication, manufacturing, agent/distributor network, and professional hospitality unmatched in today’s agricultural environment.

Together we have a long-standing history of being present in the American market – working ‘side by side’. These complementary strengths are now merged utilizing this operator experience to its fullest.

The number one goal of the partnership is to “fully satisfy client needs with direct support as client-partners for today and the years to come”. The partnership truly offers the best of both worlds with local, regional and global support for every customer for the lifetime of the equipment.

Competitors make similar claims, but the long-standing history of both Westrup and Oliver proves this relationship by putting their combined experience on the line to show you how Westrup/Oliver is the best choice.

With an industry recognized track record of value, performance, repeat business, warranty, and complete satisfaction, clients are welcomed into the Westrup/Oliver family for a lifetime of support.

Our Westrup/Oliver partnership has corporate headquarters in Texas and Colorado and is represented through an extensive network of qualified agents/distributors strategically located across the North and South American continents.

Westrup/Oliver also meets the service needs of every equipment owner with mobile factory sourcing, service engineers, and technical support, based out of Texas, Colorado, and Iowa.
Westrup/Oliver also has direct factory sales and support for South America with our resident sales engineer based in Brazil.

For more information or questions you are welcome to contact:
-    Geoff Rudesill, MD of Westrup Inc., USA
-    Jorgen Gol, CEO of Westrup A/S, Denmark


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