Westrup was founded in 1958 by Knud and Troels Westrup. The two brothers started the company in the garage of Troels but soon found out that they had something very promising going on. They moved to new premises at Soroevej in Slagelse, Denmark, where the company could expand the range of high-quality seed cleaning machines.

Westrup is still situated at Soroevej in Slagelse but has expanded many times over the years – both in size, staff of employees, technical level and in the number of machines being manufactured.

Today, Westrup has a very strong and solid foundation. We have been member of the well-established and well-reputed “Barwale group” for quite a number of years. The Barwale group is headquartered in India and has got more than 30 companies operating on 3 continents with over 2,000 direct employees.

This cooperation started many years back when John Fowler (also a member of the Barwale group) began selling Westrup machines to the Indian market. This was so successful that it was decided to expand the cooperation and strengthen the synergies even further by entering into a joint venture; and in 2001 Fowler Westrup in India was ready to be launched.

Westrup is still part owner of Fowler Westrup and benefits from having production facilities in Slagelse, Denmark and Bangalore, India.
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